50s Vintage Dress

It took me a few days to get up the courage to ink this. The watercolor turned out so nice I was afraid to ruin it. It turned out OK, but it lost the loose feel the watercolor had alone. I guess my next step is to figure out how to ink loosely.

Postcard: Giraffe at Sunset

I finally sat down and worked on a postcard tonight. I have some other things going on that are taking priority right now, but I’ve been brainstorming ideas and collecting more addresses. I haven’t worked with watercolors for a while so it was fun to revisit.

R/SketchDaily 126/127: Something More People Should Like

I think more people should like coffee. I know, I know, millions of people already do, but I need one more person to like coffee. Specifically, I need my husband to like coffee, because he hates it and it makes me sad. He can’t even stand the smell of it, which really sucks for him because I make a delicious, aromatic pot every morning. It would be nice if he liked coffee because then we could have one more thing in common and be all TEAM COFFEE and drink interesting coffees and buy fun coffee things. And most importantly, I could upgrade from my tiny 4 cup machine, to a proper 12 cupper. But alas, he likes tea.

Here’s a glorious cup, painted using – you guessed it – coffee!

R/SketchDaily 115/115: Off Topic – Rapunzelfish

I was brainstorming around the word exaggerate today and stumbled upon the concept of a Rapunzelfish. The original idea was a fish with ridiculously long fins, but then as I started sketching it out, I was struggling with the fins. I always struggle with things like wavy hair (or in this case fins) because I get overwhelmed by the details. I reached out to my art support group and someone sent me a short tutorial on drawing curly hair. That gave me a good start and then led me to this youtube tutorial for drawing wavy hair. So I gave it a shot, and this is my progress so far. The fins are now hair, but I really love it! It’s kinda addicting to draw hair now, too. What once was stressful, is now calming. Art is so powerful.

This is more of a practice piece so I’m not sure if I’ll finish it. But I kinda like how it’s unfinished. I think I want to try this with my dip pen and see how it goes.

R/SketchDaily 114/114: Off Topic – Ballerina

Tonight I completed an hour long sketching class on line-of-action.com. It had me start with 10 quick, 30 second gesture sketches, then 10 more at 1 minute, then a few at 5 minutes and so on. The final piece was this ballerina at 25 minutes. I’m happy with how this was going. I think I might try drawing this again and give it more time. This is the second ballerina I drew and I have to say they are pretty fun to draw. Their bodies are an amazing mixture of strong, yet elegant – immovable, but light.