Prompt Mashup: Catch & Plums

I almost didn’t post this. A lot of what I’ve been creating lately, I haven’t been posting because I haven’t liked the outcome and deemed it not “post-worthy”. And even though I am not completely happy with the final result of this piece, I am really proud of the fact that I even attempted it, because in the past, I wouldn’t have.

Today’s Sketch Daily prompt was “plums” and Inktober’s was “catch”. Somehow those two prompts swirling around in my head gave me the idea of a sugar plum fairy being captured in a jar. I had a couple of different ideas in my head for how to approach it, and this is usually where my ideas die and I just draw something using a reference. But this time I decided to get the idea out, skipped the references and just put something on paper. And like I said, it’s not my best work, but on my journey, this is growth.

Inktober, Day 8 – Snail

I feel like this is my first one that just fell a little short. I thought about starting over again, but I’m really tired. The weird part is I still had a lot of fun creating this. And to be totally honest, I know that is all that counts in the end. Also, a snail is NOT an insect, but can informally be considered a bug, so maybe it’s some sort of karma at work?? Whatevs. It’s still a super cute snail carrying a piece of grass is its mouth. I mean, how bad can that really be?

Inktober – Obscure Creatures, 1 – 3

Inktober has become so popular that there are hundreds of prompt lists to choose from aside from the official list. I was trying to find a second one that was more Halloweenie to get into the spirit of the season. I found this one the other night and got right to work.



I have to play catch up a little because I started this late, but I am really having fun creating these creatures. Here are the first three:

Inktober, Day 3 – Fly

I struggled with this one a bit. It’s really hard to convey transparency using this style of illustration. I really can’t wait to color this next month. I think some color will really help it pop!

bugtober 2019!

I got a lot of great feedback on my first drawing of Inktober today and a couple people said they’d like to follow the insect theme. So I went ahead and created a prompt list. I dub thee: bugtober!

Let me know if you decide to follow the bugtober prompts and be sure to use the hashtag #bugtober2019.

Inktober, Day 1 – Ant

It’s finally here!!!! I love Inktober! I’ve been looking forward to this for the last few months. I decided a few months ago my theme would be insects. I was going to try to tie in the official prompt list, but I decided to take it easy on myself and just stick with my insect prompts. It was hard not to color this one in, but I will be doing Huevember next month and coloring all my Inktober drawings.

If you want to see some amazing work check out the #inktober or #inktober2019 hashtags on all the social media sites. Artists bring their A game for this challenge, so you won’t be disappointed.

INKtober Calendar

All 31 drawings together in one place! I had such a great time doing this challenge. I definitely lost some steam towards the end, but after seeing everything again, I can see why I did. Not every piece was mind-blowing, but there are a few here that I am really proud of.

What this challenge taught me:

  1. Organization is important – I would have been lost had I not chosen a theme and planned out the prompts/birds ahead of time. There were a couple days I ended up not liking what I had originally planned and had to come up with something else on the fly and it was not easy. The bird theme really helped keep things cohesive too.
  2. Dip pens are a power tool for me – I really found my groove with my dip pen. I did do a few of these prompts with microns, but I wasn’t as happy with how they turned out. It’s silly, but I feel like my dip pen makes me a better artist. Hahaha!
  3. Off days are OK – Days 6 & 7 were two big bumps in the road for me. I was not happy with how they turned out. As a matter of fact Day 7 is a 20 minute drawing that I did after I threw out a piece I had worked over an hour on. I was really losing my confidence, but kept at it anyway because I promised myself I would finish this challenge. Day 8 was really fun and Day 9 ended up being one of my favorites of the series and everything turned around. It was a very clear example of how life ebbs & flows. Sometimes we’re just off and missing the mark. But it doesn’t mean we’re stuck there. Things change. We grow. Life goes on.¬†This was the most meaningful lesson I learned.

I loved this challenge and look forward to doing it again next year.