Healthy Hiatus

I decided it’s time to get serious about my health and finally gathered up the energy to start an exercise routine. I wake up very early and go to the gym which is great because I get it out of the way first thing in the morning. The only trouble is, early mornings used to be my art time. So now I’m struggling to find time to fit art into my day. I’ve also been fighting a bit of an art block because when I have found a bit of time here & there, I haven’t liked anything I’ve created.

Today I decided to try a new medium because I have heard that can be a good way to break up an art block. Most of this was inked with a brush pen which I am not used to using at all. But it was fun and I finally got something on paper. Hope to have some time tomorrow too. Thanks for sticking around!

The War of Art

Today was a rough art day. I just didn’t have my creative mojo and all 3 of the pieces I attempted today just didn’t come together. I spent 3+ hrs on a digital piece for sketch daily that I really don’t like, and a portrait I attempted, ended up in shreds. This was my last go and I tried to relax and just put something on paper. I find when I’m struggling, it’s usually because I’m putting too much pressure on the end result. Instead, I just drew for fun. I was really liking this and I thought it would be cool to make it a mixed media piece and add real duct tape over her mouth, but when I tried to cut out the underlying shape, the extra tape wouldn’t come off and started ripping up the paper. So here it is. It’s not what I intended, but for some reason I still like it.


My Sister-in-Law had to say goodbye to her little ball of fluff, Gizmo, earlier this year. Her birthday was yesterday so I drew a portrait for her. Momo’s tongue was always hanging out. Such a cutie!


Sketch Daily: Mistletoe Man-trap

Drawing this made me realize how far I’ve come with drawing figures. When I started this blog I would avoid drawing people as much as possible. I would get really great ideas from the Sketch Daily prompts, but wouldn’t be able to follow through, because I couldn’t figure out how to draw the people for the idea I had.

My original idea for this prompt was a really ugly witch that had mistletoe tied to the tip of her hat, – I even sketched it out. But I wanted to challenge myself a bit more so I took it in a completely different direction.

Sketch Daily: Shoes

I want to develop a stronger stylized look to my drawings so I am going study other artists. I think the best way to understand a style is to replicate it – it’s kinda like trying on clothes – you won’t know what looks good, until you try it on. I’m hoping to find bits here and there that I like and then I can piece them all together to form my own style. I might be heavily referencing some artists here for the next while, but I’ll be sure to give credit where it is due. Speaking of which, these are all shoes from Chris Hart’s Ultimate Cartooning book. I love the exaggerated folds on the boots!