digital coloring

Mr. Pierson

This is my friend’s cat. He often posts pictures of him on Facebook and every time I see him, I want to draw him. Last night I got a strong urge to illustrate him in a completely new style. I sent it to my friend and he mentioned something about Mr. Pierson needing his own book. Something to ponder…

Big Hat, Bigger Relief

I finally got my mojo back! This drawing went very smoothly this morning. It flowed out so easily that I decided to take it into procreate and color it. I’m still off topic for Sketch Daily, but I’m not really feeling this week’s prompts and since I’ve been struggling the last few days, I really need to make things that are fun and make me happy. Hopefully that bad juju is gone now.

On a side note, I wish I had events to go to where I could wear something like this. It’s so classy!

Sketch Daily: The Future

I have yet to write down my goals for 2020, but I know taking better care of my body is going to be my main focus. Exercise, intuitive eating, and daily meditation are the going to be my tools. I also want to get better at figure drawing from imagination. I’m decent at drawing from a reference, but I have lots of ideas and I’d really like to be able to pull them from my head and get them on paper. I’d also like to develop a comic bookish style for drawing characters. I’ve definitely seen progress this year and I’m happy with that, but there’s always room to grow. Here’s to 2020 – may it be the best year yet!

Sketch Daily: Mistletoe Man-trap

Drawing this made me realize how far I’ve come with drawing figures. When I started this blog I would avoid drawing people as much as possible. I would get really great ideas from the Sketch Daily prompts, but wouldn’t be able to follow through, because I couldn’t figure out how to draw the people for the idea I had.

My original idea for this prompt was a really ugly witch that had mistletoe tied to the tip of her hat, – I even sketched it out. But I wanted to challenge myself a bit more so I took it in a completely different direction.

Sketch Daily: Ginger Bread

Meet Millie. She started baking gingerbread men with her Mom when she was 4 years old. She has kept up the tradition for 73 years. Every Christmas her family can count on a ginger scented welcome and a cute edible man to take home.

My hubby bought me Procreate as an early Christmas present. It’s a bit of a learning curve because I was already used to Autodesk Sketchbook, but I can tell Procreate is really powerful and I’m excited to learn more. This is my first Procreate coloring.