colored pencils

Draw Daily: Ballerina

I’ve been a little out of sorts the last few days with this blog. I wasn’t happy with my new format for Draw Daily so I am changing it again. I may not be posting daily, but I will have daily drawing sessions. If that drawing session yields something worth posting, I will most definitely share it.

Tonight I felt like drawing another ballerina.

Draw Daily: Sketch Daily – Usernames

This one was too fun to miss! I have always liked the username u/Ilikeratbellies. And fitting that username he draws a lot of rats, and really, really well. These three aren’t nearly on par with his rat sketches, but their bellies are all ready for some tummy rubs. 🙂


Draw Daily: Reddit Gets Drawn – Bolt the Betta

I missed my daily draw yesterday because I was really sick. I’m feeling better today but just lost all inspiration. I started to even question why I’m even doing this blog – why am I drawing every day? This is supposed to be fun and it hasn’t been for the last week or so. It just feels like work. I realized that it’s probably because I’ve been pushing myself with the portrait drawings. Yes, I want to get better at portraits, but I also don’t want to squeeze all the joy out of my art. So I am going to take a step back for a few days and just draw what brings me joy.

Today that little ray of joy was this betta fish from Reddit Gets Drawn. I love to draw fish. I’m not super happy with how this turned out – there’s an ink drawing under all that colored pencil that was way nicer than this final piece, but being that I didn;t want to draw at all today, I’m giving myself a pass. I sat down and created something with joy. That’s what really counts.