character design

Sketch Daily: Free Draw Friday

Cartoon Twenty One Pilots! I’ve wanted to make Tyler and Josh into cartoon characters for a while now, but every time I attempted it, I wasn’t happy with how it was turning out. I think part of the reason I was having so much trouble was that I couldn’t capture their likeness. But then I decided to draw them from the music video Chlorine and putting them into a scene with context helped a lot. I still want to explore different cartoon styles for them, so they might show up again. Ok, who am I kidding? They’ll definitely show up again.

Nervous Gazelle

I might turn this into a series – cartoons of animals portraying some kind of emotion. I think it’ll be a good skill builder. I included a time elapsed process vid too.

Rich the Ostrich

I wish I could say that Rich is an original character of mine, but he is an adaption of a drawing from my new Christopher Hart Cartooning book. I love Christopher Hart’s illustration style so I like to re-draw his characters to get used to the lines and shapes he uses. The original drawing didn’t include the hat but Rich doesn’t go anywhere without his baseball cap. Wouldn’t he make a fun kid’s book character?

Sketch Daily: Free Draw Friday

I got a new Christopher Hart book. Yes, this is my 6th one (I think I have an art book addiction, send help). This one is all about cartooning and even includes a section about animals. I really like it because I’m trying to learn how to simplify shapes and details and it gives tons of examples and things to practice. Today I decided to draw a teen boy because I very rarely draw boys and I definitely need the practice. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but it took me quite a while to get it right. I kept wanting to add too many details and I had to force myself to simplify. I know I’ll get the hang of it eventually, but for now it’s a struggle.