Hello 2021!

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Happy New Year! Usually every year I make a big list of resolutions, but this year I’ve decided to guide my decisions based on two goals: 1) getting healthy and 2) embracing the discomfort. This first is pretty straight forward, but I should probably explain the second.

I realized this last year that there are a lot of things I don’t do because I’m basically avoiding discomfort. For example, one of my weekly tasks is to clean the bathrooms, but I constantly put it off because I’ve deemed it a complete pain in the ass. In my head, I’ve built it up to this Herculean task that will take forever, when in reality it takes 30 minutes tops and doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. I used to beat myself up and label myself lazy. But all that did was make me feel worse about myself and definitely didn’t inspire me to get the damn bathrooms clean.

However, I’ve decided to try re-scripting the conversation that goes on in my head and asked myself what it is that I’m trying to avoid. The answer, to my surprise, was simply boredom. Cleaning the bathrooms is boring. And by trying to avoid the discomfort of being bored, my brain brews up a swirling shit storm of negative thoughts to make sure I walk away. It’s a defense mechanism really. My brain is just trying to keep me in my comfort zone because in a very basic way, comfort is equal to safety. But now that I know this, I need to flip it on its head. Instead of stepping outside my comfort zone, I need to actually expand that zone to include things that I once deemed uncomfortable. Embrace the discomfort.

As for my blog, I plan on continuing my daily art posts. I am going to work on a weekly schedule that includes writing, because I haven’t had the time for that lately and I don’t want it to fall to the wayside. And in case you didn’t know, I also started a YouTube channel. I’m super excited about building that up this year and plan on making one video per week. Where will I find all the time? I have no idea. But I’m sure going to give it my best.

So here’s to a new year of full of creativity, good health, comfortable discomfort, and clean bathrooms! What are your goals for this shiny new year?

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  1. Dawn

    I have goals to also be more healthy, and to be more intentional with my spiritual practices this year. Plus some journaling possibly.


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