The Machines

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“Next.” called the man behind the thick glass. I approached the window with the entirety of my wardrobe in a bag and slipped my ticket through the narrow slot.

“Well look what we have here. A laundry winner. I guess your whites will be whiter for a while.” I smiled a bit remembering my mangy wedding dress. He slid a pouch of white powder and a thin piece of heavily scented fabric through the slot. A loud buzzer sounded.

“Room 3.”

I gathered my things and headed down the hall.

I had to use all my weight to push open the door, but the effort was well worth what I found inside. Everything was bright white. It’s what I imagine heaven looks like. Even the floors had a shine that produced my reflection. My ragged clothes looked even more tragic in the sterile room. 

To my left hung a white fuzzy robe and in the corner was one of those fancy single cup coffee makers. On the right were The Machines. I put out a coal stained hand. They were cold. 

I slipped out of my dirty clothes and into the robe. As I sniffed the coffee pods, something called Hazelnut caught my attention. Waiting for my coffee, I opened the operating manual.

To Wash: Put soiled clothes inside Machine. Fill soap dispenser with powder. Select cycle. Press start.

Permanent Press sounded promising. Maybe it’d keep my clothes permanently clean, I thought as I laughed a little to myself. I gently put my clothes in The Machine, added the powder, and pressed start.

My heart jumped a little when I saw the water start flowing. There I sat with my nose pressed against the glass watching my clothes get cleaned. It was the luckiest day of my life.


  1. Dawn

    Will there be more? I’m intrigued!

    • Nica

      I’m not sure. I wrote it for a flash fiction challenge on reddit last night. I definitely had more in me, but there was a 300 word limit. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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