15 Minute Writing Session, #1

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Since I am a complete noob to writing, I thought creating a daily practice would be a good place to start. Every morning I try to write for 15 minutes using a prompt I pull from a book, 400 Writing Promptsor from somewhere on the interwebs. I will be sharing these daily, unless they tie into a larger story that I want to save for later. Without further ado, here’s my first session.


Why is this so painful? Putting words on paper is like carving out pieces of one’s soul and smearing them on the page. They’re just words. Why should it matter so much? Oh but it does. Words mean everything.

I have an incessant need to get this story out of my head. I can already see how beautiful of a story it is, but I just don’t know how I am going to fill in all of the blanks. It’s like I have the aftertaste in my mouth, but I never ate the meal.

What if I never figure out how to write this story? It will just remain a shell inside my brain, never given a chance to experience the excitement of quickening pulses, the giddiness of laughter or the heartbreak of tears. I want so badly to bring this to life. I need to breathe air into its lungs.

So what else can I write about? Let’s try the prompt book:

In what ways are you above average?

YIKES. Umm. I’m really good at problem solving. Especially for others. Solving my own problems can be tricky because I have a tendency to be very negative about my own abilities and worth. Why is that? I’ve always been this way. Hating on myself. Beating myself up is a regular pastime. So yeah, even though it’s a negative, I am definitely above average at tearing myself down. I’m a pro at that shit.

So what else… I’m good at taking two unrelated ideas and bringing them together to make something new. I’m good at drawing. I’m good at singing. I’m good at graphic design.



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