The War of Art

by | Jan 7, 2020 | drawing, ink, portraits, reddit sketch daily | 0 comments

Today was a rough art day. I just didn’t have my creative mojo and all 3 of the pieces I attempted today just didn’t come together. I spent 3+ hrs on a digital piece for sketch daily that I really don’t like, and a portrait I attempted, ended up in shreds. This was my last go and I tried to relax and just put something on paper. I find when I’m struggling, it’s usually because I’m putting too much pressure on the end result. Instead, I just drew for fun. I was really liking this and I thought it would be cool to make it a mixed media piece and add real duct tape over her mouth, but when I tried to cut out the underlying shape, the extra tape wouldn’t come off and started ripping up the paper. So here it is. It’s not what I intended, but for some reason I still like it.


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