Sketch Daily: Wisteria

by | Aug 18, 2019 | drawing, ink & markers, reddit sketch daily | 0 comments

I’m really trying to stay loose with these plant and flower drawings. I’ve noticed the artwork I enjoy the most uses lots of expressive lines and strokes, so I’m trying to replicate that. It’s a very fine line between expressive and messy. I think in a few places I’ve captured in but in other areas, I went overboard. Hopefully I can learn some balance.

The interesting thing is I’m trying to learn the same lesson in my life. I’m trying to let go more and not attempt to control everything. It’s a hard habit to break. I recently read in The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, that successful creatives, or “professionals” as he calls them, are very good at being uncomfortable. They bravely trudge through mediocre or even shitty work to get to the good stuff. And that’s where I think I’ve always fallen short. If something wasn’t going smoothly from the beginning, I would abandon it and I always assumed it was just laziness on my part. But now I realize it’s been an unwillingness to be uncomfortable. Failure sucks. It’s a painful and miserable experience. But it also lines the path to success. The only way to get to success is through failure.

However my constant avoidance of failure has ironically led me to failure anyway. So here I sit inside my comfortable nest surround by a sea of paths not traveled. I’m finally realizing it’s time for me to strap on some boots, pick a path, and keep going.



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