Automatic Drawing

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I can’t remember where I came across the link to this video – I’m almost positive it was in reddit somewhere – but I am so grateful for finding automatic drawing. I struggle a lot with worrying about the outcome of my art. So much so, that at times it cripples me and I can’t create at all. But automatic drawing cares nothing about the outcome – it’s all about just putting whatever comes out on the page. It’s very freeing and ironically I have absolutely loved the outcomes I have had with it. The really weird thing is I don’t know where the ideas even come from. I’ve read that it’s an expression of the subconscious, but I have a theory that the energy of the Universe is somehow drawing through me. Here’s a few pieces the Universe created with my help the last few days:


This was my first ever attempt at this technique. I put on some classical music and just put pencil to paper. It’s kind of a mess and all over the place, but I was really struggling with keeping my mind clear and relaxing. I kept feeling like I had to do something “cool”.


The same night I did this one and I absolutely love it. It’s kind of cheating because I don’t think you’re really supposed to create something that looks like anything, but as I was randomly putting lines down it just looked like a leg and arm to me so I went with it. I’ve been doing a lot of figure drawing lately so it’s not surprising that came out on the page.


Yesterday I was at a family function and wanted to try the technique while I was casually talking to people. This was the result.


This was last night while I watched cartoons with my kids.


And these last two I did tonight while listening to some classical music.


I’m planning on making this part of my daily routine, probably right before bed because it is very relaxing.


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