Operation Fill-This-Sketchbook: Pages 1 & 2

by | May 23, 2019 | digital coloring, drawing, ink & markers | 0 comments

I got a new sketchbook today and I’m really excited! It’s a 5.5″ square and when I first opened it I thought it was going to be too small. But now that I’ve worked with it a little, I actually love the size.


I had some first-page anxiety when I first sat down so I just decided to draw a pinwheel. It didn’t turn out great, but it got me past the first page.

Page two called for a cute little dragon girl. I didn’t have a plan going into this one. It was one of those really relaxing drawing sessions where I just put lines down and went with the flow.

When I was done I wanted to color it, but the ink pens I use bleed pretty bad with my markers. Then I remembered seeing a drawing on Instagram today that was hand-drawn, but colored digitally. So I figured I’d give it a go.

I used my mouse to color this and man was that tedious! Next time I’ll fire up my Surface and use the stylus and hopefully it will go smoother. But all in all I think it turned out pretty well for my first shot at it.

Well there’s the first 2 pages of my new sketchbook. I don’t know if I’ll post every page I fill, but I plan on this being a reoccurring post.


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