Sketch Daily: Animal Hybrid

by | May 9, 2019 | drawing, ink, reddit sketch daily | 3 comments

I’ve had the idea for a whale with wings for a while. I’ve made attempts to draw it in the past, but it never came out quite right. This is far from perfect but I’m realizing that imperfect art is a lot more fun to make. I’m working on relaxing my expectations so that I can enjoy the process more. Hopefully that will lead me back to a daily drawing practice. Because I miss it.


  1. jorg404

    Awesome, glad to see you’re blogging again ­čśŐ

    • Nica

      Thanks! I miss everyone from Sketch Daily.

      • jorg404

        It will be great to see your art again. Perfectionism is such a killer for motivation. I try to remember it is always for fun, and the journey.

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