Sketch Daily: Skyscrapers

by | Jan 31, 2019 | drawing, ink, reddit sketch daily | 2 comments

I realized today that I have slowly slipped into this awful habit of worrying about the quality of work I share. I don’t really know where this came from because it’s not like I’m trying to make a living out of this, and I don’t think anyone is keeping track of my likes other than me. It must be some form of seeking approval, which is another of my bad habits. The crappy part is, the added pressure of my work needing to be “post worthy” is crushing my creativity. So I’m sharing this to force myself to loosen the hell up. It’s a quick sketch that just came to mind while I was thinking about the prompt options today. It’s not executed nearly as perfect as I saw it in my mind, but I got it down on paper and out of my head. I don’t see it hanging in a museum, but it’s called “Sketch” Daily, not Masterpiece Daily.


  1. jorg404

    I always think of it as growth. I take preference sketching in a notebook first and then choose one. It shows my progress. Sometimes it is just plain bad, but after a 2nd or 3rd attempt I am happy. Either happy or done with the subject and just take it as it is 😉

  2. Michael Lovette

    Well said! I really understand where you’re coming from. In the past, I have been all too worried about whether a sketch or even a photograph was “post worthy”. This self-created pressure can suck the life out of your creativity and take all the enjoyment along with it as well. If you move past all that self-created doubt, and simply roll the dice, you will find your joy and creativity once again. Thank you for being courageous and for sharing this with your readers.


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