Childhood Week: Giant

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The House on the Hill

When I was 6 my parents rented this giant house on 100 acres. I think it was one of those situations where the owners were traveling for a year and wanted someone in the house while they were gone. I loved that house so much because the entire thing was vaulted – all three floors. You could stand in the living room and see all the way to the ceiling in the 3rd floor loft area. The beams that supported the second floor ran above the living room and I remember our cat used to walk out onto the beams and look down on all of us. He loved that house too! It sat alone atop a hill and¬†was surrounded by grassy fields and some forest, and there was even a private pond. I remember being so upset when we had to move, but it wasn’t a place that we would have normally been able to afford. We were lucky to have that year, and it left a lasting impression on my young brain.



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