Anatomy Challenge: 2 Minute Gesture Sketching, Day 1

by | Nov 25, 2018 | sketching | 2 comments

During Inktober I was part of a group artists that got together to help & encourage each other. I think it was an integral piece of why I was able to complete my first Inktober successfully. It really helps to have others to hash out ideas and be a shoulder to lean on when things don’t go quite well. Some of us wanted to continue the group so we got together on Discord to exchange ideas, give feedback, create challenges, etc. We use the hashtag #redditartpals¬†on Instagram. I love our mini community and find the constructive feedback very helpful, since my own perspective of my work can overly critical most of the time.

This week we are doing a one week anatomy challenge of gestural sketching. For Day One I decided to do very basic 2 minute sketches. The very last sketch I refined a bit more – spent about 5 minutes.


  1. DungeonsAndDecorations

    Nicely done! Your proportions look pretty good. I think you could draw inside the form more though. Get messy and have fun!

  2. jorg404

    It is great to have a sparring partner (or multiple), I felt the same during inktober I could not have come up with some ideas without my family. Great sketches, good flow!


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