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So here it is, my first ever drawing for INKtober. I have been super excited the last few weeks to get started on this challenge. I even got really nervous yesterday, worrying if I will complete this challenge or if I will create any good work for it. I procrastinated a bit to get started on this, but once I got going it went really well. That is until an unfortunate ink spill, which turned into some experimenting, which then turned into panic trying to save it. My work is usually very clean so having a chaotic background like this is completely out of my comfort zone. But I realized that’s a good thing. I’m not growing if I stay inside the cozy confines of what I’m used to. Day one complete. Looking forward to tomorrow!


  1. Iasonas Bakas

    Looks brilliant! Really looking forward to seeing your inspiration for the next items on the challenge list!

    • Nica

      Thank you!

  2. YesterdayAfter

    This is really nice! This is my 3rd year participating to Inktober such a great challenge I decided to follow you hope you will visit my blog and see my Day 1! 😉 Good luck this month! Carolina

    • Nica

      Thank you! Your witch was really great. I really love that loose watercolor style.

      • YesterdayAfter

        Thank you so much yes i love loose watercolor too and at the moment I am experimenting with textures! 🙂

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